Poster presentations

List of poster presentations


  1. Osamu, Seto “DAMPE excess from decaying dark matter”
  2. Kensuke, Homma  “A perspective and the current status of dark-field searches via stimulated resonant scatterings of laser fields”
  3. Yasuhiro, Sekino  “Vacuum fluctuations in an ancestor vacuum: A possible dark energy candidate”
  4. Ryuichiro, Hada  “Iterative algorithm を用いたバリオン音響振動の再構築”
  5. Osamu, Tajima  “偽偏光を作らない光学系「超伝導ミラー」の開発研究”
  6. Kazuyuki, Akitsu  “Super-survey tidal effects in Redshift space”
  7. Shuichiro, Yokoyama “21 cm Angular Power Spectrum from Minihalos as a Probe of Primordial Spectral Runnings”
  8. Shun, Arai  “モンテカルロ法によるホルンデスキ理論のモデル分類と宇宙論的観測量の関係”
  9. Mitsuru, Kakizaki  “Abundance of the lightest Kaluza-Klein particle in phenomenological universal extra dimension models”
  10. Atsushi, J. Nishizawa  “Modeling of voids in the large-scale structure and application for cosmology”
  11. Tomoki, Morokuma  “A Search for Low-Mass Active Black Holes via Rapid Optical Variability”
  12. Ryuichi, Takahashi  “Super-sample covariances for cosmic shear and galaxy-galaxy lensing”
  13. Suguru, Takada  “Development of a millimeter wave optical element for a CMB polarization experiment using a ceramic sintering technology”
  14. Yosuke, Kobayashi  “赤方偏移空間におけるハローの非線形パワースペクトルの精密理論模型の構築”
  15. Ryoma, Murata  “Constraints on the mass-richness relation from the abundance and weak lensing of SDSS and Subaru HSC clusters”
  16. Satoru, Takakura “Noise characterization with polarization modulation”
  17. Hillary Child “BAO interferometer in the Bispectrum”





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