The 14th International Workshop on Next generation Nucleon Decay and Neutrino Detectors (NNN13) will be held at Kavli IPMU in Kashiwa, Japan from November 11 to 13, 2013. The primary purpose of this series of workshops is to discuss future large scale detectors for research on nucleon decays and neutrino physics. Following the successful format of the previous workshops, the workshop will consist of invited plenary talks and a small number of contributed talks addressing the following topics:
    - Proton decay
    - High intensity neutrino beam
    - Supernova neutrinos
    - Solar neutrinos
    - Atmospheric neutrinos
    - Reactor neutrinos
    - Large detectors R&D

Hosted by:
    Institute for Cosmic Ray Research (ICRR), The University of Tokyo
    Gradate School of Science, The University of Tokyo
Supported by:
    Kavli Institute for Physics and Mathematics of the Universe, The University of Tokyo
    Grant‐in‐Aid for Scientific Research on Innovative Areas, "Unification and Development of the Neutrino Science Frontier"

Workshop photo

Group photo taken on Nov.11 is here

Information for participants

Final Bulletin

Final Bulletin is available here.
Kavli IPMU
Kashiwa, Japan
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