IsoDAR and the DAEdALUS program

12 Nov 2013, 18:00
Kavli IPMU

Kavli IPMU

Kashiwa, Japan


Dr Joshua Spitz (MIT)


IsoDAR is a novel experimental concept to use a high power, low energy cyclotron to produce an intense source of electron antineutrinos. Such a source, when combined with a liquid scintillator based detector such as KamLAND, can provide a direct probe of the reactor antineutrino anomaly and, in general, a definitive probe of the sterile neutrino. Further, IsoDAR can differentiate between one and two sterile neutrinos in many cases as well as collect a sample of antineutrino-electron elastic scattering events that is approximately five times greater than has been collected to date. The experiment will be introduced within the context of the overall DAE$\delta$ALUS program for discovering CP violation in the neutrino sector and recent developments will be discussed.

Primary author

Dr Joshua Spitz (MIT)

Presentation Materials

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