27-28 January 2014
Asia/Tokyo timezone

The nuPRISM Near Detector: Constraining Neutrino Energy Using Multiple Off-Axis Angles

27 Jan 2014, 13:45


Dr Michael Wilking (TRIUMF)


At the previous Hyper-K meeting, the idea for a long water Cherenkov detector that spans multiple off-axis angles was presented. Using this configuration, it is possible to constrain the relationship between lepton kinematics and neutrino energy from the neutrino beam information, rather than relying solely on model-dependent neutrino generator extrapolations. Several details of this detector concept will be presented, such as potential near detector sites and event pileup considerations.

Primary author

Dr Michael Wilking (TRIUMF)


Prof. Akira Konaka (TRIUMF) Prof. Mark Hartz (Kavli IPMU (WPI), University of Tokyo/TRIUMF) Dr Taku Ishida (KEK)

Presentation Materials

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