17-21 November 2014
Kavli IPMU, University of Tokyo
Asia/Tokyo timezone



Program (PDF) (version 2014/11/14)

Talk slides

twitter archive (PDF; provided by Phil Marshall)

Treu "Present and future of time delay cosmology"
Courbin "COSMOGRAIL: present and future"
Fassnacht "Cosmology from time-delay lenses: Addressing external convergence in the real world"
Keeton "Multiplane lensing: Theory and applications"
Hilbert "Gravitational Lensing and Simulations"
Aghamousa "Reliable time delay estimation of strong lens systems"
Chen "First Use of Adaptive Optics Imaging to Constrain Cosmology with Gravitational Time Delays"
Rathna Kumar "H_0 from lensed quasars using difference-smoothing and PixeLens"
Suyu "H0LiCOW: H0 Lenses in COSMOGRAIL Wellspring"
Jee "Measuring the angular diameter distances using time delay lens galaxie"
Collett "Cosmology with multiple-source-plane lenses"

Mao "Substructure lensing"
Vegetti "Inference of the cold dark matter substructure mass function at z~0.2"
Hezaveh "Mapping the Small-Scale Structure of Dark Matter Halos with Strong Gravitational Lensing"
Inoue "Line-of-sight structures as the origin of flux-ratio anomalies in quadruple QSOs"
Takahashi "Weak lensing by intergalactic ministructures in quadruple lens systems: simulation and detection"
Nierenberg "Testing CDM with narrow-line lensing"
Rybak "Strong lensing with interferometers: lens modeling and source reconstruction"
Wuyts  "Probing the relevant scales of star formation within strongly lensed galaxies at z=2-3"
Yonehara "Gravitational Lens Mapping of the Narrow Line Region in Quasars"
Rusu "Subaru Telescope Adaptive Optics Observations Of Gravitationally Lensed Quasars"
Tsupko "Gravitational lensing in presence of plasma: chromatic lensing indeed"

Koopmans "Constraints on dark-matter (and galaxy structure) from strong gravitational lensing"
Barnabe "The dark and luminous mass structure of lens galaxies"
Jauzac "From Galaxy Cluster Lensing to the high-redshift Universe"
Meneghetti "Lens modeling accuracy from image simulations"
Wong "Discovery of a Strong Lensing Galaxy Embedded in a Cluster at z = 1.62"
Grillo "The total mass reconstruction and the inner subhalo population of the galaxy cluster MACS J0416.1-2403"
Carrasco "Mass distribution in galaxy clusters: strong lensing and dynamical mass analysis"
Lam "Free-form lens modeling of galaxy clusters in the quest to construct luminosity functions for distant faint galaxies"
Dahle "SDSS J2222+2745, the cluster-lensed sextuple quasar"
Campusano "Strong Lensing in the Inner Halo of Galaxy Clusters"
Morioka "The lens statistics with gravitationally lensed yet morphologically regular images"
Maturi "Strong but not quite: gravitational flexion in galaxy clusters"

Bradac "Breaking Cosmic Dawn"
Coe "Hunting the First Galaxies with Gravitational Lensing"
Barone-Nugent "Gravitational Lensing of High-z LBGs in GOODS and the XDF"
Kawamata "The sizes of z ~ 6-8 lensed galaxies from the Hubble Frontier Fields Data"
Ishigaki "Hubble Frontier Fields First Complete Cluster Data: Faint Galaxies at z ~ 5-10 for UV Luminosity Functions and Cosmic Reionization"

Marshall "Finding and Using Large Samples of New Lenses"
Wardlow "Strong lensing at sub-mm wavelengths: results from Herschel followup programs"
More "First SpaceWarps project: New lenses from CFHTLS"
Buckley-Geer "The Dark Energy Survey Strong Lensing science program"
Agnello "Data Mining for Gravitationally Lenses Quasar Searches"
Chan "CHITAH: Strong-Gravitational-Lens Hunter in Imaging Surveys"
Oguri "Gravitationally Lensed Supernovae"
Seidel "Automatic arc detection in multiple bands"
Nightingale "Adaptive Semi-linear Inversion: Sophisticated Lens Modeling of Large Strong-Lensing Data Sets"

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