16-21 November 2015
Icho-Kaikan, Osaka University Suita Campus
Asia/Tokyo timezone

Sessions and conveners

List of conveners is still preliminary and incomplete.

Session 1 : Theoretical issues of neutrino-nucleus interactions
Conveners: S.K.Singh(Aligarh Muslim U.), M.Wascko(Imperial), T.Sato(Osaka)

Session 2 : Systematics
Conveners: H.Nunokawa(PUC), R.Gran(Minnesota), A.Minamino(Kyoto)

Session 3 : Neutrino flux
Conveners: A.Bravar(Geneva), M.Kordosky(William&Mary), M.Friend(KEK)

Session 4 : Generators
Conveners: H.Gallagher(Tufts), J.Sobczyk(Wroclaw), H.K.Tanaka(ICRR)

Session 5 : CC and NC quasi-elastic scatterings
Conveners: K.McFarland(Rochester), J.Nieves(Valencia), R.Wendell(ICRR)

Session 6 : Pion production and other inelastic interactions
Conveners: M.S.Athar(Aligarh Muslim U.), M.Yokoyama(Tokyo)

Session 7 : Electron scatterings
Conveners: O.Benhar(Rome), S.Dytman(Pittsburgh), M.Sakuda(Okayama)

Session 8 : Shallow and Deep inelastic scatterings
Conveners: J.Morfin(FNAL), R.Petti(South Carolina), S.Kumano(KEK)

Session 9 : Low energy neutrino scattering
Conveners: G.Garvey(LANL), Y.Koshio(Okayama)

Session 10 : Future experiments
Conveners: O.Palamara(FNAL), F.Sanchez(Barcelona), M.Hartz(Kavli IPMU)

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