Optimization of detector design of NuPRISM, a new water-Cherenkov neutrino near-detector

30 May 2016, 17:22
Poster PhyStat-nu Short Poster Talks


Tomoyo Yoshida (Tokyo Institute of Technology)


NuPRISM is a proposed novel water Cherenkov detector in the J-PARC neutrino beam line that will make neutrino cross section measurements critical to both T2K and T2HK as well as searches for short baseline neutrino oscillations. By observing neutrino interactions over off-axis angles ranging from 1 to 4 degrees with NuPRISM detector, systematic uncertainties for T2K and T2HK oscillation measurements can be significantly reduced. Evaluation of the sensitivity to neutrino interaction and oscillation physics with the NuPRISM detector is ongoing. In this poster, the event reconstruction performance for different configurations of photosensor sizes and photocathode coverages are shown.

Primary author

Tomoyo Yoshida (Tokyo Institute of Technology)

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