Anti-𝜈e Appearance at T2K using VALOR

30 May 2016, 16:52


Mr raj shah (STFC, UK)


VALOR is a well established neutrino fitting group that is leading several neutrino oscillation analyses in T2K, producing world leading results. The analysis framework has been validated and optimised for both a hybrid Bayesian-Frequentist approach to fitting parameters, where the systematic parameters are marginalised, as well as a frequentist analysis, that consists of the likelihood ratio maximisation as a function of all the fit parameters. The VALOR group is involved in many other neutrino oscillation experiments such as DUNE and Hyper-K, which goal is the measurement of δCP , and the Fermilab Short Baseline Neutrino program, a novel experiment aiming to search for sterile neutrinos. In this talk the statistical techniques used in the neutrino oscillation analyses performed by the VALOR group are shown.

Primary author

Mr raj shah (STFC, UK)


Mr Christopher Barry (Univeristy of Liverpool) Prof. Costas Andreopoulos (University of Liverpool/STFC) Dr Davide Sgalaberna (University of Geneva) Dr Francis Bench (University of Liverpool) Dr Lorena Escudero (University of Cambridge) Dr Macro Roda (University of Liverpool) Dr Nick Grant (Univeristy of Warwick) Dr Rhiannon Jones (University of Liverpool) Dr Steve Dennis (University of Liverpool) Dr Thomas Dealtry (Lancaster University)

Presentation Materials

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