Study of the Neutrino Oscillation at Very Short Baseline

30 May 2016, 17:16


Mr Youngju Ko (Chung-Ang University)


Verification of neutrino oscillations at a very short baseline of a nuclear reactor is one way to check the possible existence of the sterile neutrinos. Challenging features of this short baseline experiment come from: the high muon rates at shallow depth of overburden, the escaping gamma energy due to the small size of the detector in a limited space, and the inaccurate predictions of the reactor anti-neutrino flux. The oscillation parameters of the sterile neutrino have been studied using the energy spectrum from the NEOS (Neutrino Experiment for Oscillation at Short baseline) data collected for 6 months at 24 m baseline of a 3 GW_th commercial reactor.

Primary authors

Dr Yoomin Oh (Institute for Basic Science) Mr Youngju Ko (Chung-Ang University)

Presentation Materials

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