Tuning generators to the global neutrino cross-section dataset.

30 May 2016, 16:58


Mr John Stowell (University of Sheffield)


The T2K Neutrino Oscillation Experiment uses a prior estimation of a scattering cross-section model when generating nominal Monte-Carlo (MC) neutrino interaction events. A selection of the available models in the NEUT MC generator are fit to a range of historical neutrino interaction cross-section measurements made external to T2K. A nominal model is then chosen which is capable of finding the best agreement with the fitted data. One difficulty that must be overcome when performing these fits is the need to include datasets where only limited information on the observed event kinematics and associated systematic uncertainties are provided. In this poster we review the current efforts to produce tighter constraints on the neutrino interaction cross-section model. We also highlight recent attempts to use multiple kinematic distributions from a single experiment when performing likelihood fits, whilst using the MC model to approximate the true correlations between the different kinematic variables.

Primary authors

Mr Clarence Wret (Imperial College London) Mr John Stowell (University of Sheffield)

Presentation Materials

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