Poster Session

The poster session will be held concurrent with the workshop reception on Monday, May 30 at 18:00-20:00.  Posters should be printed to A0 paper size. 

The poster contributions are:
  • Statistical techniques used for neutrino oscillation analyses with the VALOR framework,  Mr. SHAH, Raj
  • The KM3NeT/ORCA detector,  Dr. BRUIJN, Ronald
  • Tuning generators to the global neutrino cross-section dataset,  Mr. STOWELL, John and Mr. WRET, Clarence
  • Neutrino Oscillation on Epicycles,  Mr. XU, Benda
  • Boosted Decision Tree Approach to Track Finding in the COMET Experiment,  Mr. GILLIES, Ewen
  • Study of the Neutrino Oscillation at Very Short Baseline,  Dr. OH, Yoomin and Mr. KO, Youngju
  • Empirical Parametrisations of Neutrino Oscillations, Dr. LITCHFIELD, Phillip
  • Estimation of neutrino oscillation parameters with Markov Chain Monte Carlo, Ms. HAEGEL, Leïla
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