12-16 December 2016
Lecture Hall (1F), Kavli IPMU main building
Asia/Tokyo timezone

Program & Abstracts

Abstracts are available from here

Monday, 12/Dec/2016
9:30-10:15   Y. Tanizaki: Applications of Lefschetz thimbles to fermionic sign problem
10:45-11:30  O. Costin: New resummation techniques for resurgent series
14:15-15:00  R. Schiappa: Resurgence, Large N Duality, and the Phases of Spacetime
16:00-16:45 A. Cherman: Constructing expansion parameters for QCD-type theories
18:00-20:00  Reception @Cafeteria on campus

9:30-10:15   T. Schafer: Exact Saddle Points in Complexified Path Integrals
10:45-11:30 E. Poppitz: When instantons do "nothing”: the curious case of extended supersymmetry
11:30-11:45   Groupe Photo

9:30-10:15   G. Dunne: On Perturbative/Non-perturbative Relations
10:45-11:30 G. Spada: Instantons from perturbation theory
14:15-15:00 D. Sauzin: On resurgence, normal forms and mould calculus
16:00-16:45 G. Basar: Going with the flow: a solution to your sign problems

Thursday ,15/Dec/2016
9:30-10:15   T. Aoki: The Gauss hypergeometric function, the Kummer confluent
                     hypergeometric function and WKB solutions
10:45-11:30 M. Yamazaki: Spectral Network and BPS Quivers
14:15-15:00 P. Putrov: Resurgence in Chern-Simons theory
16:00-16:45 T. Sulejmanpasic: A twist on quantum field theories: Global symmetries,
                     volume independence and continuity

Friday ,16/Dec/2016
9:30-10:15   T. Kawai & Y. Takei: On virtual turning points
                  --- an important ingredient  of  the WKB theory of higher order ODEs
10:45-11:30 T. Misumi: Manifest Resurgence Structure in CPN models
14:15-15:00 A. Getmanenko: Microlocal properties of sheaves and complex WKB

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