Presentation Slides

Presentation slides

Monday 25 May 2015:
GAUNTLETT, Jerome (Imperial College)
Title: Holographic Lattices
SEBASTIAN, Suchitra (Univ. of Cambridge)
Title: Quantum oscillations in strongly correlated electron systems
HARTNOLL, Sean (Stanford Univ.)
Title:  Holographically inspired thoughts on high temperature superconductors and other bad metals
OOGURI, Hirosi (Kavli IPMU & Caltech)
Title: Entanglement Inequalities
Tuesday 26 May 2015:
Address by Hitoshi Murayama (Director, Kavli IPMU)

KIRITSIS, Elias (Univ. of Crete and APC, Paris)
Title: Tales in the realm of Holographic Conductivity
PHILLIPS, Philip (Univ. of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)
Title: Optical Conductivity as a Window into Mottness in the Cuprates

ERDMENGER, Johanna (Max Planck Institute for Physics)
Title: Magnetic impurities and universality in AdS/CMT 
LING, Yi (Institute of High Energy Physics, CAS)
Title: Metal-insulator transition by holography

Wednesday 27 May 2015:
RYU, Shinsei (Univ. of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)
Title: Symmetry-protected topological phases and quantum entanglement
TAKAYANAGI, Tadashi (YITP, Kyoto Univ.)
Title: Emergence of Holographic Spacetime from Quantum Entanglement
Thursday 28 May 2015:
TRIVEDI, Sandip (Tata Institute)
Title: Entanglement Entropy in Gauge Theories
FANG, Zhong (Institute of Physics, CAS)
Title:  Topological Semimetals

SASA, Shin-ichi (Kyoto Univ.)
Title:  A fresh look at hydrodynamics from fluctuation formulas
DAS, Sumit (Univ. of Kentucky)
Title:  Smooth and instantaneous quenches in field theory and holography
CRAPS, Ben (Vrije Universiteit Brussel)
Title:  Holographic thermalization and AdS (in)stability

Friday 29 May 2015:
TAKAHASHI, Yoshiro (Kyoto Univ.)
Title:  Exploring quantum many-body physics using ultracold atoms in an optical lattice
VISSER, Matt (Victoria Univ. of Wellington - SMSOR)
Title:  Overview of analogue spacetimes

BHASEEN, Joe (King's College London)
Title:  Holographic Approaches to Non-Equilibrium Steady States

WITCZAK-KREMPA, William (Perimeter Institute)
Title:  Quantum critical dynamics via CFT, Monte Carlo & holography
SCHALM, Koenraad (Leiden Univ.)
Title: Condensed matter physics and holography: seductivity and resistance

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