12-13 March 2020
Kavli IPMU, Kashiwa, Japan
Asia/Tokyo timezone

The event is canceled in view of the spread of the new coronavirus cases.

A symposium to honor the contribution of Professor Tohru Eguchi to physics will be held in Kavli IPMU on March 12-13, 2019.

The event will mainly consist of scientific talks showing his influence on our field, but we expect the talks to contain recollections and anecdotes about him too. The invited speakers are:

  • Miranda Cheng,
  • Kimyeong Lee,
  • Shiraz Minwalla,
  • Nikita Nekrasov,
  • Hirosi Ooguri,
  • Rahul Pandharipande,
  • Yuji Sugawara,
  • Tadashi Takayanagi,
  • Anne Taormina,
  • Spenta Wadia

We'd like to encourage anyone (not just speakers) to share her/his recollections of Tohru, so that we can prepare a booklet to commemorate him. You can simply write to Yuji, in whichever format and whichever language you prefer. Photos will be welcomed too. Please specify whether you'd like to share the story only with the participants, or if it's OK to make your story public on the webpage.

The symposium is organized jointly by Research Center for Mathematical Physics at Rikkyo U.HEP Theory group at University of Tokyo, and Kavli IPMU. The main organizers are Yu Nakayama and Yuji Tachikawa.

江口徹先生の物理への貢献を記念する研究会を Kavli IPMU で2020年3月12日と13日に開催します。言語は英語です。



This workshop is supported in part by:


Kavli IPMU, Kashiwa, Japan
Lecture Room
Kashiwa, Japan