17 July 2020 to 14 August 2020
Kavli IPMU, Kashiwa, Japan
Asia/Tokyo timezone

8/14 [Akihiro Higashitani] Newton-Okounkov bodies of flag varieties and combinatorial mutations

Not scheduled
Online with registration before Aug. 14.

Online with registration before Aug. 14.



Combinatorial mutations of polytopes ware introduced by Akhtar-Coates-Galkin-Kasprzyk in the context of mirror symmetry for Fano varieties. In this talk, the details of combinatorial mutations will be explained. As an application to the theory of Newton-Okounkov bodies of flag varieties, it will be also explaind that specific Newton-Okounkov of flag varieties, including string polytopes, Nakashima-Zelevinsky polytopes and FFLV polytopes, can be connected by iterated combinatorial mutations. This talk is based on the joint work with Naoki Fujita.

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