17 July 2020 to 14 August 2020
Kavli IPMU, Kashiwa, Japan
Asia/Tokyo timezone


17th July


Craw, Alastair (Bath) Punctual Hilbert schemes of Kleinian singularities

Heuberger, Liana (Loughborough/Angers) Combinatorial Reid's Recipe for Dimer Models

Kubota, Ayako (Waseda) On the G-Hilbert scheme of the closure of the regular nilpotent orbit of type A

Yasuda, Takehiko (Osaka) The motivic McKay correspondence in arbitrary characteristics


Tanno, Mahito (Osaka) The wild McKay correspondence for Z/p^n Z and its application


24th July


August, Jenny (MPIM) Stability and McKay

Faber, Eleonore (Leeds) Complex reflection groups, their McKay quivers, and the McKay correspondence

Schroll, Sibylle (Leicester) Grassmannian categories of infinite rank from hypersurface singularities

Wemyss, Michael (Glasgow) Tits Cone Intersections and Applications


an Garderen, Okke (Grasgow) Donaldson-Thomas invariants and flopping contractions

Yurikusa, Toshiya (Tohoku) Dense g-vector fans for tame algebras


31st July


Anno, Rina (Kansas State) Nil Hecke bimodule categories

Batyrev, Victor (Tuebingen) On the stringy E-functions of minimal models

Donovan, Will (Tsinghua) Windows on the Pfaffian-Grassmannian correspondence

Hanany, Amihay (Imperial) Quivers for Hypersurface Symplectic Singularities

Logvinenko, Timothy (Cardiff) McKay correspondence and perverse schobers

Yamagishi, Ryo (Kavli IPMU) Crepant resolutions and moduli of G-constellations for abelian groups


7th August


Hofscheier, Johannes (Nottingham) Cohomology rings of toric bundles

Nolla de Celis, Alvaro (UA Madrid) On Reid's Recipe for non Abelian groups

Reid, Miles (Warwick) Trihedral groups: old and new ideas and methods (with many problems still to solve)

Sato, Kohei (Oyama) On the crepant Fujiki-Oka resolutions

Schaller, Karin (FU Berlin) Mirror symmetry constructions for quasi-smooth Calabi-Yau hypersurfaces in weighted projective spaces

Wormleighton, Ben (Washington) Walls for G-Hilb via Reid’s recipe



Sato, Yusuke (Tokyo) Crepant resolutions for two-parameter Cyclic Quotient Singularities


14th August


Baur, Karin (Leeds) Cluster categories of Grassmannians

Higashitani, Akihiro (Osaka) Newton-Okounkov bodies of flag varieties and combinatorial mutations

Nakajima, Yusuke (Kyoto Sangyo) Combinatorial mutations of polygons via dimer models

Su, Xiuping (Bath) Categorification and the quantum Grassmannian

Thibault, Louis-Philippe (NTNU) Tilting objects in singularity categories and levelled mutations


Gyoda, Yasuaki (Nagoya) Compatibility degree of cluster complexes

JIN, Haibo (Nagoya) Simple-minded systems in cluster categories and singularity categories

Hanihara, Norihiro (Nagoya) Cluster categories from Calabi-Yau algebras


All talks can be seen here: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLmXdKmtgaCcEKzoqDpR0BnsXZ8j6BcLoJ&feature=shared