20-24 January 2020
Kavli IPMU, Kashiwa, Japan
Asia/Tokyo timezone



(i) Note that discussion leaders, who are to give 10-20 minutes overview are
marked with ***LEAD: name*** .

(ii) Note that each morning we will have light breakfast at 9:00-9:30 (free)

(iii) We will leave for lunch each day at 11:45 (11:40 on Tuesday)
      (at the Cafeteria and Plaza Ikoi: see the lunch map).

(iv) Each day we will have tea time break at 15:00-15:30 (14:20-14:45 on Tuesday).

(v) Reception takes place on Monday at 17:30-18:30 @ Plaza IKOI (see the lunch map)
    with beer, soft drinks, and light snacks (free).

(vi) Dinner: you will find many restaurants around the TX Kashiwanoha Campus Station.

(vii) Excursion/Dinner in Asakusa on Jan 21 (Tuesday):
     doodle poll: the first time slot is for excursion (leaving IPMU at 16:00)
     while the second time slot is for dinner (~5,000 yen/person).

(viii) Banquet on Jan 22 (Wednesday) 18:30 - ~ 20:30
       at a nearby restaurant ICHIKO (一幸).
         (The shuttle bus of the restaurant will pick us up twice around
           at 17:50 and 18:15 by the campus main gate.)

       Buffet style Japanese food will be served.
       We will collect 2,000 yen/person (which includes drinks) from
       participants at the registration desk of IPMU on Monday (20th)
       and Tuesday (21st).

       Please register at the following doodle poll:

1) Monday (20 Jan 2020)

a) morning (9:30-11:45)
discussion of what we know and what we do not know about O3 data, and what
can we infer from publicly available data? 100 Msun BH? objects in the
first mass gap? BH-NS mergers with extreme mass ratios? IAS "detections"?
***LEAD: Ben Farr*** + Neha Singh + Tomek Bulik + Zoheyr Doctor (LIGO/Virgo members)

b) afternoon (13:45-17:00)
discussion of any EM observational constraints on BHs and NSs
***LEAD: Lidia Oskinova*** + Dorota Gondek-Rosinska + Chris Fryer

c) Reception (17:30-18:30) @ Plaza IKOI (see the lunch map)
beer, soft drinks, light snack (Free)

2) Tuesday (21 Jan 2020)

a) morning (9:30-11:40)
population synthesis predictions: what is already done and what's possible now?
***LEAD: Coen Neijssel*** + Chris Belczynski + Pawel Drozda

b) afternoon (13:00-16:00)  (tea time 14:20-14:45)
discussion of SFR, chemical evolution, cosmology effects on BH-BH/BH-NS/NS-NS
***LEAD: Piero Madau*** + Chiaki Kobayashi + Martyna Chruslinska

c) excursion/dinner in Asakusa (leaving IPMU around 16:00)

3) Wednesday (22 Jan 2020)

a) morning (9:30-11.45)
discussion of stellar rotation and its influence on BH-BH/BH-NS/NS-NS
***LEAD: Raphael Hirschi*** + Chris Belczynski

b) afternoon session (13:30-15:30)
discussion of uncertainties of detailed stellar evolution calculations
(reaction rates, convection, etc...)
***LEAD: Jakub Klencki*** + Natasha Ivanova + Marco Limongi

c) afternoon (15:30-17:00): Kavli IPMU Colloquium by Natasha Ivanova
       "Close Binary Stellar Evolution and Gravitational Wave Sources"

d) 17:50: 1st restaurant shuttle bus near the campus main gate
   18:15: 2nd restaurant shuttle bus near the campus main gate

   18:30: Banquet @ nearby Japanese restaurant "Ichiko" in buffet
          style for Japanese food and drinks (2,000 yen/person)

4) Thursday (23 Jan 2020)

a) morning (9:30-11:45)
discussion of core-collapse/supernovae/PPSN/PSN and NS/BH mass
***LEAD: Chris Fryer*** + Ken Nomoto + Shing-Chi Leung + Ken Chen + Melina Bersten

b) afternoon (13:45-17:00)  
(end of discussion from the morning and then)
discussion of Globular Cluster BH-BH formation
***LEAD: Tomek Bulik*** + Dorota Gondek-Rosinska

5) Friday (24 Jan 2020)

a) morning (9:30-11:45)
putting it all together: plan for a 2020 study/paper on O3 data
***LEAD: Chris Belczynski*** + all of us