CMB systematics and calibration focus workshop

from Monday, 30 November 2020 (08:00) to Thursday, 3 December 2020 (22:05)
Kavli IPMU, Kashiwa, Japan (Remote access)

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30 Nov 2020
1 Dec 2020
2 Dec 2020
3 Dec 2020
3. Review from the past to future challenges (until 10:10) (Remote access)
08:00 Welcome + explain the conference style   (Remote access)
08:10 Highlight from the Europe-Japan session   (Remote access)
08:30 Potential Systematic Errors in Space Missions - Prof. Lyman Page (Princeton University)   (Remote access)
08:55 The View from the Stratosphere: Systematics and calibration challenges of CMB ballooning - Prof. Jeff Filippini (University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign)   (Remote access)
09:20 Systematics control and mitigation for BICEP/Keck deep polarization maps - Prof. Colin Bischoff (University of Cincinnati)   (Remote access)
09:45 LiteBIRD systematics - Prof. Hirokazu Ishino (Okayama University)   (Remote access)
10:10 --- Break ---
4. Systematics requirement toward the next generation CMB B-mode experiment (until 12:35) (Remote access)
10:30 Beam-Related Systematic Error Suppression for the PIXIE Polarizing Fourier Transform Spectrometer - Dr Al Kogut (NASA GSFC)   (Remote access)
10:55 Requirements for future CMB satellite missions: photometric and band-pass response calibration - Dr Tommaso Ghigna (Kavli IPMU/Univ. of Oxford)   (Remote access)
11:20 Telescope baffling design that minimizes stray light systematics for ground-based experiments, the Simons Observatory case - Dr Fred Matsuda (Kavli IPMU)   (Remote access)
11:45 Polarization Modulator Signal Phase Variation: The Simons Observatory Case - Dr Kevin Crowley (University of California, Berkeley)   (Remote access)
12:10 Free discussions   (Remote access)
7. methods: instrumentation 3 (until 10:25) (Remote access)
08:00 Highlight from Europe-Japan session   (Remote access)
08:20 Drone-based polarization calibration source for mm-wave telescopes - Prof. Rolando Dünner (Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile)   (Remote access)
08:45 A Compact Millimeter-Wavelength Fourier-Transform Spectrometer - Zhaodi Pan   (Remote access)
09:10 Broad Spectrum Noise Sources for Calibration of the BICEP/Keck CMB polarimeters - Mr James Cornelison (Harvard University)   (Remote access)
09:35 Calibration of TES bolometer arrays with application to CLASS - Dr John Appel (Johns Hopkins University)   (Remote access)
10:00 Far-sidelobe and Polarization Angle Measurement of LiteBIRD Low Frequency Telescope using a 1/4-scaled Model - Mr Hayato Takakura (The University of Tokyo / Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency)   (Remote access)
10:25 --- Break ---
8. methods: instrumentation 4 (until 12:50) (Remote access)
10:45 Simulations of systematic effects arising from cosmic rays in the LiteBIRD space telescope, and effects on the measurements of CMB B modes. - Prof. Samantha Stever (Okayama University/Kavli IPMU)   (Remote access)
11:10 HWP development for LiteBIRD low-frequency telescope - Dr Yuki Sakurai (Kavli IPMU)   (Remote access)
11:35 A Cryogenic Half Wave Plate Rotator for the Simons Observatory Small Aperture Telescopes - Dr Peter Ashton (UC Berkeley / LBNL / Kavli IPMU)   (Remote access)
12:00 Impact of instrumental systematic effects on component separation and large scale B-modes measurements - Dr Clara Vergès (Center for Astrophysics | Harvard & Smithsonian)   (Remote access)
12:25 Free discussions   (Remote access)
11. method: analysis 3 (until 10:00) (Remote access)
08:00 Highlight from Europe-Japan session   (Remote access)
08:20 Simultaneous determination of the cosmic birefringence and miscalibrated polarization angles - Dr Yuto Minami (KEK)   (Remote access)
08:45 Analysis of Temperature-to-Polarization Leakage in BICEP3 and Keck Array CMB Data from 2016 to 2018 - Tyler St Germaine (Harvard University)   (Remote access)
09:10 Systematics in delensing - Dr Kimmy Wu   (Remote access)
09:35 Optimizing the interplay of systematic effects and observing strategy in CMB space missions - Dr Giuseppe Puglisi (UC Berkeley)   (Remote access)
10:00 --- Break ---
12. method: analysis 4 (until 12:25) (Remote access)
10:20 Impacts of ice clouds in POLARBEAR - Dr Satoru Takakura (Kavli IPMU)   (Remote access)
10:45 Systematics diagnostics and self-calibration of CMB B-mode measurements with distortion fields for BICEP/Keck and LiteBIRD - Mr Hung-I (Eric) Yang (Stanford University)   (Remote access)
11:10 Unified correction of the EB-leakage from masking and TOD filtering. - Dr Hao Liu (Anhui University)   (Remote access)
11:35 Towards ending the partial-sky E-B ambiguity in CMB observations - Dr Shamik Ghosh (University of Science and Technology of China)   (Remote access)
12:00 Free discussions   (Remote access)
1. Planck Heritage on systematics and calibration (until 19:15) (Remote access)
17:00 welcome + explain the conference style   (Remote access)
17:10 Planck review and lessons learned/A new model of dust foreground and new measurement of the Solar Dipole with Planck HFI data - Dr Jean-Loup Puget (Institut d'Astrophysique Spatiale)   (Remote access)
17:35 Planck HFI lessons learned in systematics and calibration - Prof. Guillaume Patanchon (AstroParticle and Cosmology Laboratory)   (Remote access)
18:00 Planck review and lessons learned: LFI systematics/calibration challenge - Prof. Aniello Mennella (University of Milan - INFN)   (Remote access)
18:25 BeyondPlanck: Systematics and degeneracies in CMB observations and the importance of global analysis - Prof. Hans Kristian Eriksen (University of Oslo)   (Remote access)
18:50 Free discussions   (Remote access)
19:15 --- Break ---
2. Systematics requirement toward the next generation CMB B-mode experiment (until 21:35) (Remote access)
19:30 Calibration insights from BeyondPlanck - Dr Eirik Gjerløw (University of Oslo)   (Remote access)
19:55 CMB polarization map self-calibration - Dr Silvia Galli (IAP)   (Remote access)
20:20 Polarization angle requirements - Prof. Enrique Martínez-González (Instituto de Física de Cantabria (CSIC-UC))   (Remote access)
20:45 Bandpass and polarization-angle calibration requirements for B-mode searches with the Simons Observatory - Dr Max Abitbol (University of Oxford)   (Remote access)
21:10 Free discussions   (Remote access)
5. methods: instrumentation 1 (until 19:00) (Remote access)
17:00 Highlight from US-Japan session   (Remote access)
17:20 A Q-Band Test-Source for UAV-Based Radiation Pattern Measurements - Dr Fabio Paonessa (National Research Council of Italy (CNR) - Institute of Electronics, Computer and Telecommunication Engineering (IEIIT))   (Remote access)
17:45 Calibration using Sparse Wire Grid - Prof. Osamu Tajima (Kyoto University)   (Remote access)
18:10 B-mode forecast of CMB-Bharat - Debabrata Adak (Senior Research Fellow at IUCAA)   (Remote access)
18:35 Laboratory Characterization of the Q & U Bolometric Interferometer for Cosmology (QUBIC) - Dr Steve Torchinsky (APC/Observatoire de Paris)   (Remote access)
19:00 --- Break ---
6. methods: instrumentation 2 (until 21:50) (Remote access)
19:20 LiteBIRD/MHFT Bread-Board testing - Prof. Cristian Franceschet (Università degli Studi di Milano)   (Remote access)
19:45 Effect of Half-Wave Plate systematics on the estimate of r - Serena Giardiello   (Remote access)
20:10 Characterization of the Optical System of the LSPE‐STRIP Instrument - Sabrina Realini (Università degli Studi di Milano)   (Remote access)
20:35 The Effects of Instrumental Systematics on CMB Lensing Reconstruction - Mark Mirmelstein (University of Sussex)   (Remote access)
21:00 Towards an Atacama Large Aperture Submillimeter Array (AtLAST) - Dr Tony Mroczkowski (ESO)   (Remote access)
21:25 Free discussions   (Remote access)
9. method: analysis 1 (until 19:25) (Remote access)
17:00 Highlight from the US-Japan session   (Remote access)
17:20 Modeling optical systematics for the Simons Observatory Large Aperture Telescope - Dr Jon Gudmundsson (Stockholm University)   (Remote access)
17:45 Beam deconvolution with ArtDeco - Dr Elina Keihänen (University of Helsinki)   (Remote access)
18:10 Controlling Beam Systematics in Next Generation CMB Experiments - Mr Nialh McCallum (Jodrell Bank Centre for Astrophysics, University of Manchester)   (Remote access)
18:35 Absolute calibration of next generation of CMB experiments through current and future observations of the Crab nebula - Dr Alessia Ritacco (Institut d’Astrophysique Spatiale (IAS), CNRS and Université Paris Sud, Orsay (FR); Département de Physique, Ecole Normale Supérieure, 24, rue Lhomond 75005 Paris, France)   (Remote access)
19:00 Determination of the Systematics Related to Polarization Angle Uncertainty and Its Impact on $r$ - Mr Elena de la Hoz (Instituto de Física de Cantabria (UC-CSIC))   (Remote access)
19:25 --- Break ---
10. method: analysis 2 (until 22:15) (Remote access)
19:45 B-mode delensing: progress and challenges - Dr Blake Sherwin (University of Cambridge)   (Remote access)
20:10 Calibration strategy and mitigation of systematics effects in the QUIJOTE MFI wide survey - Rubiño-Martín J.A.   (Remote access)
20:35 A Null test framework for B-mode measurements with POLARBEAR - Dr Yuji Chinone (The University of Tokyo)   (Remote access)
21:00 Paving the way towards a robust B-mode measurement - Mr Joel Williams (Jodrell Bank Centre for Astrophysics - The University of Manchester)   (Remote access)
21:25 A minimal power-spectrum-based moment expansion for CMB B-mode searches. - Susanna Azzoni (University of Oxford / Kavli IPMU)   (Remote access)
21:50 Free discussions   (Remote access)