Quarkonia meet Dark Matter

from Tuesday, 15 June 2021 (18:50) to Friday, 18 June 2021 (23:59)
Kavli IPMU, Kashiwa, Japan (Remote access)

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15 Jun 2021
16 Jun 2021
17 Jun 2021
18 Jun 2021
Main program (until 20:00) (Remote access)
Main program (until 21:20) (Remote access)
20:00 Electroweakly-interacting dark matter - Junji Hisano   (Remote access)
20:40 Dark matter bound states - Kallia Petraki   (Remote access)
21:20 --- Coffee break - Gather Town ---
Main program (until 23:00) (Remote access)
21:40 Pair annihilation and bound states in a thermal plasma - Mikko Laine   (Remote access)
22:20 Quarkonium in medium: a NR EFT approach to dissociation and ricombination - Antonio Vairo   (Remote access)
Poster shot presentation (ZOOM) (until 23:20) (Remote access)
Poster session (Gather town) (until 23:59) (Remote access)
23:20 A model of electroweakly interacting non-abelian vector dark matter - Motoko Fujiwara   (Remote access)
23:20 Bottomonium suppression in an open quantum system using the quantum trajectories method - Peter Vander Griend   (Remote access)
23:20 Excited dark states matter by Graham White - Graham White (Kavli IPMU)   (Remote access)
23:20 Indirect search for dark matter bound state formation - Jason Baldes (Université Libre de Bruxelles)   (Remote access)
23:20 Search for new light vector boson using $J/\Psi$ at BESIII and Belle II by Yongsoo Jho - Yongsoo Jho   (Remote access)
23:20 Thermal Real Scalar Triplet Dark Matter by Yu Watanabe - Mr Yu Watanabe (UTokyo)   (Remote access)
Main program (until 21:20) (Remote access)
20:00 Non-equilibrium theory of non-relativistic pairs inside an environment - Tobias Binder (Kavli IPMU)   (Remote access)
20:40 Potential non-relativistic QCD and open quantum system description of the non-equilibrium evolution of quarkonium inside the medium - Miguel Ángel Escobedo Espinosa   (Remote access)
21:20 --- Coffee break / poster session (continued) - Gather Town ---
Main program (until 23:00) (Remote access)
21:40 Quarkonium production in pp and heavy ion collisions - Tom Mehen   (Remote access)
22:20 Nuclear modification of open heavy flavor and quarkonia production in heavy ion collisions - Weiyao Ke   (Remote access)
23:00 --- Coffee break ---
Round table discussion session (until 23:59) (Remote access)
Main program (until 20:55) (Remote access)
20:00 Dark matter and coloured co-annihilators: from the relic density to experimental constraints - Simone Biondini   (Remote access)
20:30 Chromoelectric field correlator for quarkonium transport and thermal dark matter relic abundance - Bruno Scheihing Hitschfeld   (Remote access)
20:55 --- Photo and coffee break ---
Main program (until 22:50) (Remote access)
21:10 Electroweak WIMP annihilation, resummed beyond LO with non-relativistic dark matter EFT and SCET - Martin Beneke   (Remote access)
21:50 Bound-state effects in EW and colored co-annihilation and unitarity bound - Juri Smirnov   (Remote access)
22:20 Higgs enhancement and bound state formation in coannhilation scenarios of dark matter - Julia Harz   (Remote access)
22:50 --- Coffee break ---
Round table discussion session (until 23:59) (Remote access)
Main program (until 21:05) (Remote access)
20:00 Thermal Squeezeout for Strongly Interacting Dark Matter - Tracy Slatyer   (Remote access)
20:40 Monopole transitions via emission of a charged scalar and their importance for dark matter coupled to the Higgs - Kallia Petraki   (Remote access)
21:05 --- Coffee break ---
Main program (until 22:40) (Remote access)
21:20 Bottomonium suppression in heavy ion collisions - Michael Strickland   (Remote access)
22:00 Strongly interacting systems at finite T: results from the lattice - Alexander Rothkopf   (Remote access)
Main program (until 22:50) (Remote access)