18-29 September 2017
Lecture Hall (1F), Kavli IPMU main building
Asia/Tokyo timezone
Overview of this Workshop:
Vast amounts of observational surveys have revealed the variety of supernova explosions in the Universe. It is important to understand the nature of these supernovae in order to understand cosmic chemical evolution as well as supernova cosmology. We wish to hold a workshop on these issues, inviting many outstanding experts from across the world. The scientific topics will include:

 1) core-collapse supernovae and their progenitors, 
 2) Type Ia supernovae and their progenitors, 
 3) super-AGB stars and electron capture supernovae, 
 4) chemical evolution and galactic archelogy.

The workshop will be held for two weeks from 18 September to 29 September 2017: there will be relatively a small number of talks every day, leaving most of time for discussion and collaboration works.

This workshop also highlights the career and achievements of Ken'ichi Nomoto on his 70th birthday.  Ken'ichi Nomoto's wide-ranging international collaborations and high scientific profile worldwide is reflected in the international nature of this workshop.

Dates: 18 September to 29 September 2017

Venue: Lecture Hall at the Kavli IPMU main building 

 Keiichi Maeda (chair) - Kyoto University / IPMU
 Chiaki Kobayashi (co-chair) - University of Hertfordshire, UK / IPMU
 Ken'ichi Nomoto - IPMU
 Naoki Yasuda - IPMU
 Philipp Podsiadlowski - University of Oxford, UK
 Friedrich-Karl Thielemann - University of Basel, Switzerland
 Melina Bersten - Instituto de Astrofisica de La Plata, Argentina / IPMU

  Keiichi Maeda (chair) - Kyoto University / IPMU
  Chiaki Kobayashi (co-chair) - University of Hertfordshire, UK / IPMU
  Alexey Tolstov - IPMU
  Shing-Chi Leung - IPMU
  Miho Ishigaki - IPMU
  Naoki Yasuda - IPMU
  Takashi Moriya - National Astronomical Observatory (NAOJ)
  Masaomi Tanaka - NAOJ / IPMU
  Nozomu Tominaga - Konan University / IPMU

 Contact Address: : Kavli Institute for the Physics and Mathematics of the Universe (Kavli IPMU), the University of Tokyo, 5-1-5 Kashiwanoha, Kashiwa City, Chiba 277-8583, Japan


Lecture Hall (1F), Kavli IPMU main building
We are planning to have several resurgence-related seminars on the week before.