15-19 January 2024
Fuji Kensyuzyo
Asia/Tokyo timezone

News / Updates

[Update on January 18, 2024]

There will be two talks on the morning of the last day. For the return trip, one can either take a cab or walk to the Fujisan station. Otherwise, if you are interested in taking a bus to the Fujisan station the time table is available at 



You need to walk to the bus stop "Sengenjinjya mae", which is in front of the Sengenjinja shrine (which is a bit of walk from here, like 10 minutes). The relevant times (at Sengenjinjya mae) before/after the talks are  10:31, 10:55, 11:31, 11:55, 

<For those coming to Tokyo>

you might be interested in the colloquium by Kenji Fukaya (from 15:30 at the UTokyo Komaba campus). It should be possible to make it. (For example, if you get on a bus from Fujisan station at noon then you will arrive at Komaba one hour before the colloquium).


[Update on January 17, 2024]

Another photo uploaded.

[Update on January 16, 2024]

Some information added to the section "Some Free-time Options"

A photo with Prof. Yau was uploaded to the "Photos" section.

[Update on January 13, 2024]

It seems to be snowing tonight at the conference-venue areas, so please be prepared to see some possible snow when you get there!

[Updates on/Before January 12, 2024]

Travel: Please see the "directions" page (or if you can the webpage of the conference venue if you can read Japanese). It seems that there are buses both from Shunjuku Station and from Tokyo station. It is also the case that some buses do not stop at Fujisan (Mt. Fuji) train station and stop only at Kawaguchiko station. In either case you can take a cab to the conference venue, or you can take a short train from Kawaguchiko to Mt. Fuji train station if you are not certain please print out the name of the place from the "Directions" page. (I heard that the seats for some of the buese are already close to being sold out, so I recommend you to make researvations in advance.)

Schedule: Our sessions will start in the afternoon 13:50 of the first day (Monday), and will end before lunchtime on the last day (Friday).

For speakers: There is a white board (H1.3m×W5.4m)in the lecture hall. The conference venue is large so you might need to write in big letters for people sitting in the back row. For computer presentations, there will be HDMI cables at the venue. If you need anything else, I would encourage you to bring your own connector, although (1) we will try to bring a connector (2) you will most likely be able to share your screen through zoom.

Hotel/Meal reservations: They will accept both cash and credit cards (say VISA). You can also withdraw some cash from a nearby convenience store. Since the conference is fast approaching, the hotel will need to  charge you for cancellation fees for any further updates.

Weather: The conference location can be cold during January, and it might even snow. Please be prepared with worm clothes.

Reimbursement for UTokyo postdocs/students:  Some UTokyo postdocs/students are supported from the conference budget. The reimbursement rule is the same as standard business trips, so you should not expect any special treatment. In particular, it is your responsibility to pay for the accommodations/meals on site, and you will later be reimbursed from UTokyo, and the secretary should have contact you already to start the reimbursement process. If you have technical inquires (e.g. exactly what is covered etc.) please ask the secretary in charge.

Visit by High School Students:  We are planning to have an informal visit by a few high school students on Thursday.

Registration has been closed since we have reached the capacity of the conference venue.

Format: In Person only. We were originally planning to make this into a hybrid event, but we have decided to make the event in person only, due to technical complications. We are nevertheless planning to record some of the talks.

VISA: If you need a VISA for entry to Japan and if you are not an invited speaker for the conference, you need to get a VISA on your own responsibility. Please contact one of the organizers if you have inquiries regarding this matter.