Invited Speakers

List of Invited Speakers with tentative titles.

  1. Ugur G Abdulla: "Cancer Detection via Electrical Impedance Tomography and PDE Constrained Optimal Control in Sobolev Spaces"
  2. Toshiyuki Azuma:  "Atomic, molecular and optical physics (AMO Physics): its diversity and specialty to bridge the gap between physics, biology and medical science"
  3. Gordon Baym:  "Matter under extreme conditions in neutron stars"
  4. Thomas Busch: "Quantum Simulators"
  5. Piero Carninci: "Long non-coding RNAs in cellular networks and genome regulation"
  6. Neil Davies : "Island Earth: Integrated Digital Ecosystem Avatars for Inclusive Democratic Ecological Action"
  7. John Girkin:  "How Multidisciplinarity can Advance Lifescience Understanding"
  8. Shiro Ikeda: "Astronomy and Data Science: Building astronomical claims with modern data science"
  9. Aya Ishihara:  "A new view of the universe with high-energy astrophysical neutrinos"
  10. Barbara Jacak:  "A plasma of quarks and gluons"
  11. Keiko Kono:  "How do our cells age?"
  12. Motoko Kotani:  "Discrete Geometric Analysis for Materials" 
  13. Alexander Kusenko : "Astrophysics meets particle physics in search of black holes produced in the Big Bang"
  14. Tom Melia:  "Dark matter hunting at the intersection of particle physics, chemistry, and solid state physics"
  15. Hitoshi Murayama: "Where do we come from? Perspectives from Physics"
  16. Shigehiro Nagataki: "Supernovae as Origins of Life"   
  17. Hidenori Nishimori: "Quantum simulation on quantum hardware"
  18. Mihoko Nojiri: "How machine learning changes particle physics"
  19. Milind Purohit: "Bridges from the World of Particles"
  20. David C. Reutens: "Probing brain microstructure in the living human"
  21. Nami Sakai: "Quest to understand the origin of the Solar system"
  22. Misao Sasaki: "Inflation and gravitational wave cosmology"
  23. Hideyuki Saya:  "New treatment strategies for intractable cancers brought about by the fusion of different fields of science"
  24. Nic Shannon:  "Frustrated quantum spin models: fundamental physics in new places"
  25. Masahiro Teshima: "Status of High-Energy Gamma-Ray Astronomy"
  26. Yasunobu Uchiyama: "AI-Powered Metaverse: Now and Future"
  27. Yasuyoshi Watanabe: "Toward seamless approach to build up fusion healthcare-medicare-solutions platform"
  28. Matthias Wolf : "Bacteriophage structure by cryo-electron microscopy paves the way towards phage therapy"