Contributed Talks

  1. Catherine Beauchemin: "Physics reasoning applied to health research"
  2. Tsuyoshi HONDOU: "Timely pandemic countermeasures reduce both health damage and economic loss: Generality of the exact solution"
  3. Gen Kurosawa: "Evolution and our daily rhythms"
  4. Akihiko Monnai: "Red hydrodynamic model of quark matter in nuclear collisions"
  5. Shinji Okada: "New Developments in Muon-Catalyzed Fusion Research by Precise X-ray Spectroscopy of Muonic Molecules"
  6. Sho Ozaki: "Image quality enhancement of medical images by use of deep learning with a small amount of training data"
  7. Tomoki Ozawa: "Universality of topological physics in quantum and classical systems"
  8. Florian Pflug: "Neutral competition shapes the clonal composition of cerebral organoids"
  9. Takashi Tsuboi: "Real analytic Birkhoff sections"