Accelerating Universe in the Dark

Yukawa Institute for Theoretical Physics (Kyoto University)

Yukawa Institute for Theoretical Physics

Kyoto University

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4th - 8th March 2019


Yukawa Institute for Theoretical Physics, Kyoto University (how to get there

Scientific Rationale:

Dark matter is responsible for the formation of cosmic structures such as galaxies in the Universe, while dark energy is responsible for the accelerated expansion in the Universe. Dark matter and dark energy make up about 95% of our Universe. What are dark matter and dark energy? Or is the cosmic acceleration due to breakdown of the Einstein’s gravity theory on cosmological scales? The nature of these dark components is the most profound mystery in physics and cosmology.

Large-scale structure (LSS) is a powerful cosmological tool to study the distribution of dark matter as well as explore the nature of dark energy. There are various promising LSS methods: weak gravitational lensing, galaxy clustering, redshift-space distortion effects, clusters of galaxies and eventually 21cm cosmology. To have high-precision measurements of these LSS probes, there are a number of ongoing and planned projects aimed at unveiling the nature of the dark components. However, in order to attain the full potential of these projects, scientists need to resolve a number of statistical, computational and theoretical challenges in LSS. The aim of this conference is to gather experts in LSS, both in theory and from various collaborations, to understand the current status of LSS methods and data as well as discuss the roles of future surveys.

Main Topics:

  • Dark Matter and Dark Energy
  • Inflation 
  • Modification of gravity
  • Large-scale structure probes (cosmic microwave background, weak lensing, baryon acoustic oscillations, redshift-space distortion, 21cm)
  • Ongoing and future wide-area galaxy surveys: Subaru Hyper Suprime-Cam, Subaru Prime Focus Spectrograph, Dark Energy Survey (DES), Kilo-Square Degree survey (KiDS), DESI, LSST, Euclid, WFIRST
  • Gravitational wave cosmology 

We encourage especially young researchers and students to attend the conference.

Confirmed Invited Speakers :

  • Bernard Carr (Queen Mary U of London)

  • Cora Dvorkin (Harvard)

  • Tim Eifler (Arizona)

  • Xian Gao (Sun Yat-sen U.)

  • Masashi Hazumi (KEK/IPMU)

  • Hendrik Hildebrandt (Ruhr-University Bochum)

  • Chiaki Hikage (Kavli IPMU)

  • Kazuya Koyama (Portsmouth)

  • Elisabeth Krause (Arizona)

  • Hirosi Ooguri (Caltech/Kavli IPMU)

  • Yasunori Nomura (Berkeley/Kavli IPMU)

  • Valeria Pettorino (CEA Saclay)

  • Leonardo Senatore (Stanford)

  • Alexei Starobinsky (Landau Inst.)

  • Nicolas Yunes (Montana)

  • Saleem Zaroubi (Groningen)



Sponsored by 


This workshop is supported in part by MEXT Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research on Innovative Areas (15H05887, 15H05888, 15H05889, 15H05890, 15H05891, 15H05892, 15H05893, 15H05894, 15H05895, 15H05896, 15K21733). 

    • 13:00 13:05
      opening remark 5m
    • 13:05 14:40
      Afternoon session 1
      • 13:05
        (Invited) Constraints on Quantum Gravity 35m
        Speaker: Prof. Hirosi Ooguri (Kavli IPMU/Caltech)
      • 13:40
        Swampland viewed from bottom up 20m
        Speaker: Hitoshi Murayama (Kavli IPMU/Berkeley)
      • 14:00
        Blue-tilted primordial gravitational waves from massive gravity 20m
        Speaker: Shuntaro Mizuno (YITP)
      • 14:20
        Galaxy surveys using Large Submillimeter Telescope 20m
        Speaker: Kohno Kotaro (U. Tokyo)
    • 14:40 15:10
      Coffee break 30m
    • 15:10 16:25
      Afternoon session 2 (contd)
      • 15:10
        (invited) Cosmological Observations and the Multiverse 35m
        Speaker: Yasunori Nomura (Berkeley/Kavli IPMU)
      • 15:45
        Particle production and Gravitational waves with Primordial SU(2) gauge fields 20m
        Speaker: Azadeh Maleknejad (MPA)
      • 16:05
        A model of dark energy spatially varying on very large scales 20m
        Speaker: Kazuhiro Yamamoto (Hiroshima U.)
    • 16:25 16:45
      Coffee break 20m
    • 16:45 17:45
      Poster machine-gun talks (2min each) (Chair: Tomomi Sunayama)
    • 09:00 10:15
      Morning session 1
      • 09:00
        (invited) Probing Modified Gravity with Gravitational Waves 35m
        Speaker: Nicolas Yunes (Montana State University)
      • 09:35
        Probing ultralight scalar field dark matter with gravitational-wave interferometers 20m
        Speaker: Teruaki Suyama (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
      • 09:55
        Rotating quantum black holes and ringdown gravitational waves 20m
        Speaker: Oshita Naritaka (U. Tokyo)
    • 10:15 10:40
      Coffee break 25m
    • 10:40 11:55
      Morning session 2
      • 10:40
        (invited) Deciphering the Dark Side of Structure Formation with Cosmological Data 35m
        Speaker: Cora Dvorkin (Harvard)
      • 11:15
        Gravitational wave forest from string axiverse 20m
        Speaker: Yuko Urakawa (Bielefeld U.)
      • 11:35
        Towards Lyman-alpha intensity mapping in HETDEX 20m
        Speaker: Saito Shun (Missouri University of Science and Technology)
    • 11:55 12:00
      Group photo 5m
    • 12:00 13:30
      Lunch break 1h 30m
    • 13:30 14:45
      Afternoon session 1
      • 13:30
        (invited) Inflation and pre-inflation: recent developments 35m
        Speaker: Alexei Starobinsky (Landau Institute)
      • 14:05
        Non-dynamical torsion from fermions, inflation and CMBR phenomenology 20m
        Speaker: Antonino Marciano (Fudan U.)
      • 14:25
        Gravitational particle creation for dark matter and reheating 20m
        Speaker: Soichiro Hashiba (U. Tokyo)
    • 14:45 15:30
      coffee break & poster session 45m
    • 15:30 16:45
      Afternoon session 2
    • 16:45 17:10
      coffee break 25m
    • 17:10 17:50
      Afternoon session 2 (contd.)
      • 17:10
        Effect of lensing magnification on type-Ia supernova cosmology 20m
        Speaker: Atsushi Nishizawa (Nagoya U.)
      • 17:30
        Joint analysis of the thermal Sunyaev–Zeldovich effect and 2MASS galaxies 20m
        Speaker: Makiya Ryu (Kavli IPMU)
    • 09:00 10:35
      Morning session 1
      • 09:00
        (invited) The Effective Field Theory of Large-Scale Structure applied to BOSS data 35m
        Speaker: Leonardo Senatore (KIPAC)
      • 09:35
        Nonlinear reconstruction 20m
        Speaker: Yu Yu (Shanghai Jiao Tong University)
      • 09:55
        Optimal Reconstruction from Large Scale Structure Surveys 20m
        Speaker: Benjamin Horowitz (UC Berkeley)
      • 10:15
        Toward the analysis of the redshift-space bispectrum 20m
        Speaker: Naonori Sugiyama (Kavli IPMU)
    • 10:35 11:00
      coffee break 25m
    • 11:00 12:20
      Morning session 2
      • 11:00
        (invited) 21cm cosmology with current and future radio telescopes 35m
        Speaker: Saleem Zaroubi (U. Groningen/Open U.)
      • 11:35
        Probing Dark Energy With HIRAX 25m
        Speaker: Martin Bucher (Universite Paris 7/CNRS/U. KwaZulu-Nata)
      • 12:00
        Effect of astrophysics on the large-scale clustering of HI 20m
        Speaker: Rika Ando (Nagoya U.)
    • 12:20 19:00
      free time (excursion, exploration, ...) 6h 40m
    • 19:00 21:00
      banquet 2h
    • 09:00 10:15
      Morning session 1
      • 09:00
        (invited) KiDS-VIKING-450: Cosmic shear tomography with optical+infrared data 35m
        Speaker: Hendrik Hildebrandt (Ruhr-University Bochum)
      • 09:35
        Constraining the effect of AGN feedback with weak lensing, the tSZ effect, and deep learning 20m
        Speaker: Tilman Troester (Royal Observatory Edinburgh)
      • 09:55
        Diving deeper into intrinsic alignments of galaxies 20m
        Speaker: Christos Georgiou (Leiden Observatory)
    • 10:15 10:40
      coffee break 25m
    • 10:40 12:00
      Morning session 2
      • 10:40
        (invited) Cosmology Constraints from the Dark Energy Survey 35m
        Speaker: Krause Elisabeth (University of Arizona)
      • 11:15
        (invited) Cosmology from cosmic shear power spectra with Subaru HSC data 25m
        Speaker: Chiaki Hikage (Kavli IPMU)
      • 11:40
        Cosmological constraints from galaxy-galaxy lensing and clustering with the HSC and BOSS data 20m
        Speaker: Hironao Miyatake (Nagoya U.)
    • 12:00 13:30
      lunch break 1h 30m
    • 13:30 14:30
      Afternoon session 1
      • 13:30
        First results on HSC clustering 20m
        Speaker: Andrina Nicola (Princeton)
      • 13:50
        Constraining the stochastic gravitational wave background using the cosmic shear B-mode 20m
        Speaker: Kazuyuki Akitsu (Kavli IPMU)
      • 14:10
        The Stellar-to-Halo Mass and Mass-Richness Relations of Massive Clusters 20m
        Speaker: Ying Zu (Shanghai Jiao Tong University)
    • 14:30 15:30
      coffee break & poster session 1h
    • 15:30 16:45
      Afternoon session 2
      • 15:30
        (invited) Primordial black holes as a probe of dark matter, dark energy and dark dimensions 35m
        Speaker: Bernard Carr (Queen Mary University of London)
      • 16:05
        PBH tower in multi-phase inflation 20m
        Speaker: Yuichiro Tada (Nagoya U.)
      • 16:25
        Primordial Black Holes from R2 gravity 20m
        Speaker: Yingli Zhang (Tokyo University of Science)
    • 16:45 17:10
      coffee break 25m
    • 17:10 17:50
      Afternoon session 2 (contd)
    • 09:00 10:10
      Morning session 1
      Convener: Takada Masahiro
      • 09:00
        (invited) Dark energy and modified gravity theories: current status and prospects with the Euclid satellite 35m
        Speaker: Valeria Pettorino (CEA Paris-Saclay)
      • 09:35
        (invited) Cosmology with WFIRST – Synergies with ground based surveys 35m
        Speaker: Tim Eifler (University of Arizona)
    • 10:10 10:30
      coffee break 20m
    • 10:30 12:05
      Morning session 2
      • 10:30
        (invited) Spatially covariant gravity and the extension of scalar-tensor theories 35m
        Speaker: Xian Gao (Sun Yat-sen University)
      • 11:05
        Constant-roll inflation in scalar-tensor theory 20m
        Speaker: Hayato Motohashi (YITP)
      • 11:25
        Extended Cuscuton 20m
        Speaker: Aya Iyonaga (Rikkyo U.)
      • 11:45
        Experimental Search for New Gravity-like Interactions using Slow Neutrons 20m
        Speaker: Yoshio Kamiya (U. Tokyo)
    • 12:05 13:30
      lunch break 1h 25m
    • 13:30 14:50
      Afternoon session 1
      • 13:30
        (invited) Dark energy and gravitational waves 35m
        Speaker: Kazuya Koyama (University of Portsmouth)
      • 14:05
        Emergent Dark Universe and the Swampland Criteria 20m
        Speaker: Yun-Long Zhang (YITP)
      • 14:25
        Non-sphericity of ultra light axion dark matter halos in the Galactic dwarf satellites 20m
        Speaker: Kohei Hayashi (ICRR, U. Tokyo)
      • 14:45
        closing remark 5m